Develop Professional Skills Through Coaching Services

Are you considering using a coach? I can help you...

Navigate through cycles of change, development, or renewal

Life is always challenging us to grow and develop. A coach is someone who works with you to discover your own strengths and to help you understand the wisdom that stems from the strengths you already possess. With guided support, this awareness helps you navigate through cycles of change, development, and renewal with a deeper and keener insight.

Enhance your own leadership skillset

A coach often works with you to identify your own individual strengths and to help manage around weaknesses. Coaches encourage personal and professional learning in relation to purpose, core values, motivational drivers connected to team contributions, learning styles, and conflict resolution dynamics.

Boost your self-confidence

A coach works with you to build on your own unique strengths. These can be personal or professional or both, but the awareness in understanding these strengths can help leverage wisdom and insight into creating the kind of future that you want.

Regain balance in your life

A coach works with you to help discern and manage the polarities of competing responsibilities and commitments. By gaining insight into polarity management, you will be able to live your life in ways that matter to you. Insight into your own core values can help you create the changes that are most meaningful to you.

Engage more fully with your work

Positive engagement requires appreciation, inquiry, reflection, and action. By aligning your personal vision, mission, and purpose, you will able to be more fully present with other people and the work being done within an organization. Leaders who know and use a strength- and character-based approach in their leadership practice find that working strategically with people’s strengths and character activates and maximizes energy, passion, and a natural sense of commitment.

Be accountable

Oftentimes we have enough zeal for the vision we seek but we meander and waver off-course. If you need someone to hold you accountable, a coach can help you set priorities and think strategically to help you manage your purpose, and consider the resources you have and what processes can help you get to where you want to go.

Become more clear about what you want from the future

If you are uncertain about things in the future, a coach can work with you to create a preferred future derived from your own set of core values and wisdom insights about your passion, purpose, and calling.

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  • Curriculum Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Teaming For Innovation
  • Integral Leadership Development

Lectures and Workshops

  • Leadership Consciousness: From Vision to Action
  • Creating and Responding to the Future
  • Avoiding Derailment: Strategies for Identity, Reputation, and Legacy Management
  • Insights Into Polarity Management
  • Leadership and Knowledge Complexity
  • The Art and Science of Critical and Creative Thinking
  • Clinical Reasoning for Health Professionals
  • Strengths-Based Leadership
  • The Power of Purpose: Appreciation, Influence, and Control
  • Appreciative Inquiry in Complex Organizations
  • Complexity and Health Care
  • How to be Successful in Organizations
  • The Wisdom of Renewal
  • Additional topics can be negotiated based on needs in alignment with my expertise; for more information, contact [email protected]